Bitcoin Ransomware CryptoWall is Back With Improvements

Sheriff’s Office forced to pay $500 bitcoin RANSOM to unlock encrypted 72,000 case files, "CryptoWall The Ransomware in Action

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Got Cryptowalled & debating on paying ransom. Never dealt with bitcoin. What should I be aware of?

This is what I'm dealing with right now. They are kind enough to provide some instructions but I thought I should be a bit skeptical of the info on there. I haven't actually decided on paying yet because it makes me sick to give these assholes the cash and there's a possibility they won't provide the decryption anyway. I would like to know what I should watch out for in regards to the security of the bitcoin in case I do purchase it. I'm probably not asking the right questions since I'm totally oblivious to the workings of bitcoin but any help or info you could all provide would be most appreciated. Edit: I should probably have mentioned that restoring from backup or shadow copies is impossible. I hadn't backed up in almost a year anyway (I'm very aware of that stupidity) but if I had, the virus would have gotten to it anyway.
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Report: CryptoWall Creators Earned $325 Million in Bitcoin Ransoms

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In the news • [coindesk] Report: CryptoWall Creators Earned $325 Million in Bitcoin Ransoms

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CryptoWall: Hackers using bitcoin to demand ransoms

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Report: CryptoWall Creators Earned $325 Million in Bitcoin Ransoms

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Report: CryptoWall Creators Earned $325 Million in Bitcoin Ransoms

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CryptoWall ransom attacks net huge haul of Bitcoins from victims

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Cryptowall ransomware creators earned a massive $325 million bitcoin ransom

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Got hit with cryptowall at work, need help buying bitcoins with credit card ASAP

Hello all, this morning I found out we were hit with cryptowall at work. The fee is 1.27 bitcoins. I have never bought them before and all my boss gave me was a credit card. I already created a wallet but I can't really find any place to buy ~$500 with a credit card. Does anyone have any suggestions at all? This is urgent. Thank you so much.
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How on Earth do I get Bitcoins now?

Long story short a client has been hit with CryptoWall and it's cheaper to pay the ransom than it is to try and recreate the work that's encrypted. We're in Canada, and having a hell of a time trying to get Bitcoins NOW as time is running out on the ransom.
We've signed up for sites like Circle in an attempt to get bitcoins but most seem to be US only.
How the heck can we get some bitcoins immediately?
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Encountered the Cryptowall virus today

Today at work I encountered a computer with a variant of the "Cryptowall" virus.
Basically, it takes the common files on your computer (jpegs, .doc, pdf and similar), encrypts them and then holds them hostage until you pay the ransom.
The instructions mentioned the TOR browser and online it's often said they want the payment in bitcoin.
I'm not a proper IT technician so I couldn't do much for the poor guy who just lost many valuable files but the more I read about it, I felt it was an equal part scary and brilliant.
It also struck me as very cyberpunk, hence why I'm posting it here. The very idea of locking down somebody else's files, with only you having the key, and then proceeding to make them pay a big sum of money to get their stuff back just felt so incredibly high tech, low life to me.
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Cross-off another valid butt use-case: Ransomware

Older report from Dell but I just came across it while trying to build a list of strong use-cases for butts:
"Based on post-mortem data collected by researchers, CryptoWall has been less effective at producing income than CryptoLocker. Both malware families accepted payments via Bitcoin, with 0.27% of CryptoWall victims and 0.21% of CryptoLocker victims paying ransoms in bitcoins. CryptoLocker also accepted MoneyPak, and an additional 1.1% of victims paid ransoms using pre-paid MoneyPak cards. As of this publication, CryptoWall has only collected 37% of the total ransoms collected by CryptoLocker despite infecting nearly 100,000 more victims. CryptoWall's higher average ransom amounts and the technical barriers typical consumers encounter when attempting to obtain bitcoins has likely contributed to this malware family's more modest success. Additionally, it is likely the CryptoWall operators do not have a sophisticated "cash out" and laundering operation like the Gameover Zeus crew and cannot process pre-paid cards in such high volumes."
TL;DR fiat beats butts even in the realm of ransomware. So I'm back to just claiming it's only marginally useful for drugs.
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Radiolab: Darkode
おまけにBitcoinのATMとは名ばかりで、アリーナが実際に現地についてみると雑居ビルの2階に「BitCoin ATMはこちら→」という手書きの看板の下に、PC、Webカメラ、直通ラインの電話機が無造作に置かれた「旧ソビエト的な」電話ボックスがあるだけだった。まずは送金先のアドレスのQRコードを読み込ませようとカメラを起動したが、何と今度はATMのPCがフリーズした。CoinCafeに問い合わせると「技術者を送るので待ってください」と言われたが、20分後に到着した技術者は何とかPCを再起動し、ハッカーへの残りの23ドルの支払いを行った。番組ではCoinCafeの経営者にインタビューを行っているが、まずは「非中央型の通貨であるBitcoinが身代金に使われるのは遺憾」とした上で次にように語っている:「CoinCafeはハッカーの脅迫文で『BitCoinの購入元』として紹介されているから、非常に問い合わせが多い。そして、このような犯罪は上昇傾向にある。家族の写真が全部消えてしまうと泣きながら電話してきた女性もいた。人助けをして共犯扱いされるのはうんざりだ...」
娘から任務完了の連絡を受けたイーナがPCを立ち上げると、今度は「2時間半の遅延だ。今度は倍の身代金を要求する」というメッセージが表示されていた。困り果てたイーナはハッカーのウェブサイトを訪れ、大雪の事、感謝祭休暇、為替レート、ATMなど遅延が発生した理由を説明したメッセージを送った。ハッカーからの返信は無かったが、ランサムウェアは突然として表示されなくなり、PC上のファイルも突然アクセスできるようになったのだ。PCには「You paid in full(全額頂いた)」というシンプルなメッセージが表示されたが、ハッカー達はイーナに対して哀れみを感じたのだろうか。
まずはロシアのハッカー現場を調査したロイターの記者のジョセフ・メン(Joseph Menn)にインタビューする。
「更正したハッカー」を自称するダニエルはdarkodeの創立者のひとりなのだ。ミルウォーキーで育った彼はビデオゲームに夢中な少年だったが、次第にゲームの「Age of Empire」のModやゲームのマップ改ざん、AIのコード改造などを通じて、ハッキング文化に興味を持つようなった(「典型的なハッカーだね」と語る)。そしてゲーム掲示板の「GameSearch」に入り浸りとなったダニエルは、ある日掲示板で「ボットネット」という聞き慣れない言葉を目にした。「ボットネット」を開発したのは、元々はスパムメールの配信業者たちだった。背景を説明しよう:毎日大量の詐欺メールを送りつけていた業者に対して、インターネットのプロバイダー会社がIPアドレスを元にした規制を行ったのだ。メールを送り続ける為には、規制されていないIPアドレスが大量に必要だ。そこで配信業者はプログラマーを雇い、ネットにウィルスを拡散し、自分たちが自由に操れる「奴隷」のPCを大量に作り上げ、これらのPCを通じてスパムを送り続けた(そして後にDDosなどの攻撃にも転用される)。ダニエルはゲーム掲示板で他のユーザーに対して「お前のPCなんか俺のボット軍団でで潰してやる」「俺のbotで通信を遮断されたいか」などと暴言を吐くユーザーを見つけ、「僕にもボットネットのやり方を教えてくれないか」と頼んだと言う。現在のダニエルは、この人物の事を「今考えるとスクリプトキディくらいの知識しか無い人だった」と評価するが、非常に尊大なエゴを持つ人物であるため、ダニエルにボットネットの全てを自慢するように教えたと言う。ダニエルは何千ものPCを操作できる「力」に魅せられ、ボットのソースコードを読み、改ざんしたウィルスを拡散し、知識を深めていく。「他人のポルノの閲覧履歴を眺めて遊んでいたが、悪い事をしている、という意識は無かったね」とダニエルは語る。
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Who can explain CryptoWall and Bitcoin?

A customer of mine is going to pay the ransome of $500 to get their files back. My question is I know ZERO about Bitcoin and am having trouble getting started and how to purchase the currency. We cannot seem to buy $500 with a credit card and there is no way we are going to do a wire transfer. We found Expresscoin in Santa Monica and I am waiting on a return phone call to go down there with $500 in cash to buy the Bitcoins.
How does this work, do I bring a USB hard drive to put the Bitcoins on or do I sign up for an online account?
Please no comments about backup or shadow copies or all of that. This post is just about CryptoWall and Bitcoin payment.
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Faking a BTC transaction to trick a cryptolocker

There's this computer here that was locked by CryptoWall - a piece of malware which encrypts files with a certain extension (mostly important documents, photo's etc) with a 2048-bit RSA key while they securely store the private key on their servers.
The programmers are using bitcoins to take ransom for the files and that's the reason I've started this question.
Would it be possible to create a fake transaction to trick the CryptoWall system to think they have paid, even though the transaction hasn't been verified? I could imagine them not really taking the time to actually accurately check if a transaction has had its verifications. Though, I'm not sure obviously as I'm not an experienced cryptocurrency user.
Thoughts? Input? :)
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Sheriff's Office Forced To Pay Ransom For Their Own Case Files

Story is here:
What really has me wonder is that per Det. Jeff McCliss:
Cryptowall doesn't access or tamper with files, but keeps them locked until the user pays a ransom. In this case, it was in the currency bitcoins worth $500.
I could be wrong, but isn't encryption technically changing the file and since this change occurs, could it not be argued that evidence is tampered with?
Even with hashes physically recorded, I can see this being a dicey issue.
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Hello guys, I have a major issue: How do I buy bitcoins fast

Hello guys, I have a major issue: The cryptowall malware ransom is forcing me to pay in bitcoin, how can I get $700 in bitcoins+
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Getting my Armory offline wallet balance transfered

A long time ago, when bitcoin values started to go up- I setup an Armory offline wallet. Very cool, and secure system.
Too secure.
I don't use it much, and Armory has this nasty habit of needing the full transaction history of bitcoin before it will work. I've tried a few times today, and it keeps giving up. I've got the offline PC here to, along with a paper "backup" wallet I created when I first installed everything.
I just want to move it all to Electrum. It's been on my list of things to do for a while, but as I've said in another thread, I'm trying to help a friend help a client pay a cryptowall ransom- and don't want to wait hours and hours for Armory to sync up.
I messed around a little with Electrum and trying to find some way to import off the Armory paper wallet- but I'm not having any luck.
Any ideas?
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Digital Artist: Back Up Your Artworks on an unattached external storage now.

This September seems to be the peak epidemic period of Cryptowall Ransomware and all of its numerous variants.
CryptoWall is a file-encrypting ransomware program that was released around the end of April 2014 that targets all versions of Windows.
When you are first infected with CryptoWall it will scan your computer for data files and "encrypt" them using RSA-2048 encryption so they are no longer able to be opened.
There is no known utility to decrypt RSA-2048 encryption without the private key held as ransom by the evil virus writer. Brute force decryption approach would take around 100 years to decrypt a file.
Once the infection has encrypted the files on your computer drives it will open a Notepad window that contains instructions on how to access the CryptoWall Decryption Service where you can pay a ransom to purchase a decryption program.
The ransom cost starts at $500 USD and after 5 days goes up to $750 with the cost increasing again after another 24 hours to a maximum ransom of $1,500 USD. This ransom must be paid in Bitcoins and sent to a Bitcoin address that changes per infected user.
Besides your local hard drives, it attacked all mapped network drives and all external storage devices attached to your computer (flash drive, USB external hard drive, thumd drives, USB sticks... everything You name it). This virus also encrypted files on your Cloud backup such as Dropbox drive or Google drive too.
It slips by Anti-virus and anti-trojan software on your pc without any detection (The new CryptoWall samples were not detected by any of the 55 antivirus products used on the VirusTotal website when they were discovered Sunday), so more often than not when You found out about the virus, all your files on all your drives have already been encrypted.
Some digital artists have lost all their artworks by not having a reliable unattached incremental back ups or having an unreliable external backup drive which was attached to the pc at the time so the back up was also encrypted.
All your personal documents and artworks could be wiped out in around 2 hours. On the average it takes only around 2 hours to encrypt a 2 terabyte drive.
Please digital artists, back up all your artworks on a reliable external hard drive and disconnect it from your computer after a successful back up and store it in a safe place.
Info about this scary virus
DL ( I have just lost all my drawings without backup) :)
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New and need to buy now if possible.

I apologize if we are skipping some rules for the sub but we are at work and we have had the cryptowall virus. We are going to pay the ransom - yes we know the risks, sadly it's where we are with this thing. None of us have used bitcoin and we have set up probably 10 accounts by now but have yet to be able to simply purchase any using a card. Either the verifcation takes days or simply cards are not an option. If someone (with a good rep) would like to sell us some we will gladly pay including some fee that an exchange would have charged. Thanks!
If someone can decrypt these files we would simply just pay you.
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Paying Cryptowall in Bitcoin

Hey guys!
Unfortunately, I write you with bad news and in hopes for a quick solution... A guy at work picked up the cryptowall virus and he needs to pay the ransom by Saturday. I want to help him out and make sure that he gets his files without getting ripped off.
I have been to coinbase and found that it could take up to a week to get approved to start buying bitcoins and receive them in my wallet. I am looking at coin cafe right now and it looks like I can go to a Bank of America and just pay them...
So the solution I'm really looking for here is a way to buy about $500 of bitcoins (1.56BTC) the fastast way possible. (I dont live in New York) I would much appreciate any helpful suggestions, personal experiences or insight on coin cafe or other bitcoin sellers.
Thank you so much!
EDIT: I paid the bastards! I used circle. But note, they only allow you to withdraw $500 a week and that put me just shy of what I needed to send to get the decryption software. So luckily I had some bitcoins in another wallet I could make up the difference.
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Cryptowall Virus 2.0 3.0 Removal - Info about Recovering Your Encrypted Files CryptoLocker Explained - Ransomware - The WORST virus I've ever seen Bitcoin Overstock 300% Price Increase + $1MN RANSOM UPDATE! In Action.CryptoWall 3.0 Infection The Real Deal: CryptoWall 2.0

The post CryptoWall: Hackers using bitcoin to demand ransoms appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. Web users have to worry about yet another security threat: ransomware. The FBI now esti If users do not pay a ransom, they lose access to the data. Ransomware has become one of the fastest growing and most common types of security threats threatening the web. Between April of 2014 and June of 2015, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center received 992 complains related to Cryptowall, the most commonly used ransomware software. As already mentioned, ransomware could be ... Web users have to worry about yet another security threat: ransomware. The FBI now estimates that losses due to ransomware, a type of malware, topped $18 million dollars in the last year. Unfortunately, hackers have been using bitcoin and other digital currencies as their primary choice for payments. As bitcoin transactions hide the identity of ... A new report looks at the CryptoWall ransomware and its components in an attempt to analyze its success. CryptoWall Creators Earned $325 Million in Bitcoin Ransoms News Learn Videos Research CryptoLocker / CryptoWall and similar software is ransomware that encrypts your personal files. To restore the files quickly, buy bitcoin to pay the ransom.

[index] [13273] [32132] [2177] [24423] [13405] [42180] [20843] [45125] [21646] [27545]

Cryptowall Virus 2.0 3.0 Removal - Info about Recovering Your Encrypted Files

Manually Remove "Your personal files are encrypted" by Cryptowall ... iLuvTrading 235,161 views. 4:56. How to Decrypt Files Encrypted by Ransomware for Free - do not pay the Bitcoin Ransom ... CryptoWall 3.0 (new version CryptoWall) is one of many ransomware trojans that encrypt the personal files on your computer and demand a bitcoin payment before you can restore them. Victims of the ... CryptoLocker is the WORST Virus I have ever seen. You need to know what it is, how it works and how to prevent it from destroying your files. The video is a bit long, but what is more important ... CryptoWall is essentially the digital version of a ransom-seeking hostage-taker. Like most Trojans, it tends to infect computers by attaching itself in email attachments (which are sent as spam ... Santiago, Chile- Are you a Bitcoin buyer of last resort? Don't believe everything you read in crypto because there is a high likelyhood you are dealing with ...