CCN Talks Bitcoin With Singer Tatiana Moroz

Bitcoin Talk Show Goes to CES2015 -Hanging out at The World of Bitcoin inside CES -Bitstamp Booth Empty -Interviews with Paul from Airbitz wallet, Tatiana Moroz, a Real life Robot and much much more! (Bitcoin Talk Show on World Crypto Network)

Bitcoin Talk Show Goes to CES2015 -Hanging out at The World of Bitcoin inside CES -Bitstamp Booth Empty -Interviews with Paul from Airbitz wallet, Tatiana Moroz, a Real life Robot and much much more! (Bitcoin Talk Show on World Crypto Network) submitted by WCNMustThrive to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Political discussions about Bitcoin happening in Washington, DC on June 20-22

Theres an amazing line up of political speakers for the Bitcoin conference at Beltway this year.
Checking this one out as it's a different event compared to all the other Bitcoin conferences out there which talk about pretty much the same thing.
Heard that this is one of the best conferences you can attend to really meet the people behind the Bitcoin community. Plus Andreas Antonopolous is going to speak, and that alone is worth the ticket price.
Here's some of the line up of speakers:
If you want to come down, it's happening at the Washington DC Downtown Renaissance Hotel from June 20 - 22nd.
And the organizers want to let you know that if you want to save $100 off the admission price, register online here before the event:
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Amir Taaki: Darknet Markets Made Bitcoin Popular, Not Coffee Purchases

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In a recent appearance on The Tatiana Show, early Bitcoin developer and Dark Wallet co-organizer Amir Taaki shared some of his thoughts on the current state of the world's first major cryptocurrency.
During the interview, Taaki discussed how darknet market Silk Road made Bitcoin popular and how the community needs to return to its ideological roots.
Bitcoin's Origins with Silk Road. When discussing Bitcoin with host Tatiana Moroz, Taaki often spoke of it as a political tool, pointing to Silk Road as the main illustration of this point.
From Taaki's perspective, Silk Road was a major factor in the rise of Bitcoin.
Due to Taaki's views on the symbolic nature of Sik Road, the early Bitcoin developer referred to DPR as a martyr.
"This is a call for people in Bitcoin to start to realize that the power of Bitcoin is not simply in the product of Bitcoin but also in its symbolic and ideological level," said Taaki.
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Tatiana Moroz - Bitcoin Jingle @ laBITconf Mexico Tatiana Moroz - High Heels of Bitcoin - episode #24 Tatiana Moroz - The Bitcoin Song Bitcoin, Banks, Police State w/ Tatiana Moroz Tatiana Moroz: Bitcoin for Musicians and Artists

Tatiana Moroz is an American folk singer-songwriter, liberty activist, and peaceful revolutionary. She is in the Bitcoin space since 2012 and is pioneering creative autonomy and freedom as the creator of the world’s first artist cryptocurrency Tatiana Coin. Tatiana merges music with blockchain technology to renew the power of songwriters and creators. When Tatiana dropped by Melbourne for The Bitcoin Address in November, it was a great excuse for a girls’ night out – but with bitcoin! I met Tatiana right outside Grumpy’s Green, a charming, bitcoin-friendly pub familiar to the local Melbourne music scene.She bounces out of her cab with a cheery smile, laughs about her public transport mishap and settles in for the night out to explore ... Moroz launched Tatiana Coin last year. She raised funds in June of 2014, and, with the help of Adam B. Levine from Let’s Talk Bitcoin, Moroz executed the idea. Tatiana Coin used Counterparty for the coin and organized a crowd-sale through CoinPowers. The Tatiana Moroz Show! The Tatiana Show — Philip Asare Of BTC Ghana. Published on June 20th, 2016 by TatianaMoroz. Tatiana and Josh interview Philip Agyei Asare of BTCGhana. (please note there were some technical difficulties during the recording of this episode but they do clear up during the second half of the show) Topics of discussion include real life uses of Bitcoin in Ghana ... The coin is a unique digital currency built on top of Bitcoin. As an independent artist, I wanted to solve problems connecting with my fans and supporting my music career. TATIANACOIN is the alpha for the concept of Artist Coins. Crowdfunding with Tatiana Coin Starts Feb 9, 2017! What is an Artist Coin? Think of artist coins as digital gift certificates or a type of token that you can hold in ...

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Tatiana Moroz - Bitcoin Jingle @ laBITconf Mexico

Tatiana Moroz singing the Bitcoin Jingle @ laBITconf Mexico. Official audio of Tatiana Moroz's "Bitcoin Jingle " Head on over to for more and to be a part of the TatianaCoin campaign, and to... #bitcoin #tatianamoroz #interview In this newest episode of High Heels of Bitcoin series I have someone very, very special. Please welcome my charming interviewee - Tatiana Moroz. Discover how musicians and other artists are using tools like Bitcoin and digital currencies to take control of their work. Tatiana Moroz debuts The Bitcoin Song at the first annual Latin American Bitcoin Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina. December 8, 2013. For more informatio...