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Technical question about wallet database

Hi, I have a question about Nyancoin's (and more generally Bitcoin's) leveldb, the database that is used to store the index files of the blockchain. Can someone tell me if the index database, i.e. blkindex.dat, is downloaded from peers at sync time or generated locally from the blockchain. In Nyancoin's case, its size is almost equal to the blockchain's: about 1.2 GiB. So if you don't know the technical details, the question could be: does the sync downloads 1.2 GiB or 2.4 ?
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Not sure if it's common knowledge, but you can *dramatically* increase blockchain sync speed (at least on Linux) by putting blkindex.dat in a ramdisk.

Here's a script I wrote that I use when there's more than a few days worth of blocks to sync. I run it, wait for it to sync, then I close bitcoin-qt and start it again normally. The script is very simple and stupid, so please don't use it unless you understand what it does. Also make sure you have at least 1.5 GB of free memory.
#!/bin/bash #console version: #sudoapp=sudo #moveapp=mv #KDE version: sudoapp="/usbin/kdesudo" moveapp="/usbin/kioclient move" cd ~/.bitcoin indexsize=$(stat -c%s blkindex.dat) indexsize=$(expr $indexsize + 1024 \* 1024 \* 200) $sudoapp sh -c "mkdir -p /mnt/btctmp && chmod 777 /mnt/btctmp && mount -t tmpfs -o size=$indexsize btctmp /mnt/btctmp" $moveapp blkindex.dat /mnt/btctmp/ ln -s /mnt/btctmp/blkindex.dat ./ bitcoin-qt if ! [ -h blkindex.dat ] then echo "Something's wrong, bailing out." exit fi rm blkindex.dat $moveapp /mnt/btctmp/blkindex.dat ./ if ! [ -f blkindex.dat ] then echo "Something's wrong, bailing out." exit fi $sudoapp umount btctmp 
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Lost most of my Doge late 2013. There may be one last solution to getting some back. Does anyone have a copy of "DogeCoin version v0.6.4.0-unk-beta" or know which release it is directly linked to?

My keys corrupted and i didn't have a recent backup, after the upgrade lost all the doges.

I think there might be one more hope of finding some, and would appreciate if anyone knows which version " v0.6.4.0-unk-beta" which is on the debug.log output.

Noticed after all this time after digging through Bitcoin release notes that before bip32/hd wallets came in or as a matter of fact As they came in too (thanks devs). Most if not everyone i asked thought backing up the wallet.dat file is good enough, or the old --salvagewallet nor -zapwalletxes. They either aggressively scrambled the wallet making it more likely destroy even more keys, sure saved a few coins but most of the addresses in the keypool which has a size of 100 didn't have a corresponding private key anywhere in the wallet AFAIKT,
Sorry before i rant, i just need some info on if this wallet if linked to a specific Dogecoin version and just happens to say v0.6.4.0 in the debug log file.

I can't update directly to any other version without the wallet breaking up. Apparently i need the exact version that was last used, and turn it off extra safely so the log files which hold some parts of the keys go back to the Wallet.dat or something.

I tried all solutions, this might just work. from the "Bitcoin version 0.7.1 Readme file."
How to Upgrade
If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), then run the installer (on Windows) or just copy over /Applications/Bitcoin-Qt (on Mac) or bitcoind/bitcoin-qt (on Linux).
If you were running on Linux with a version that might have been compiled with a different version of Berkeley DB (for example, if you were using an Ubuntu PPA version), then run the old version again with the -detachdb argument and shut it down; if you do not, then the new version will not be able to read the database files and will exit with an error.
Explanation of -detachdb (and the new “stop true” RPC command): The Berkeley DB database library stores data in both “.dat” and “log” files, so the database is always in a consistent state, even in case of power failure or other sudden shutdown. The format of the “.dat” files is portable between different versions of Berkeley DB, but the “log” files are not– even minor version differences may have incompatible “log” files. The -detachdb option moves any pending changes from the “log” files to the “blkindex.dat” file for maximum compatibility, but makes shutdown much slower. Note that the “wallet.dat” file is always detached, and versions prior to 0.6.0 detached all databases at shutdown.
or on shut down the coin client using the -detatchdb comas coins use both log and dat files with berkeley.



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[FAQ] SpeedCash - Read Here First


«Warning: Checkpoint is too old. Wait for blockchain to download or notify developers.« What do I have to do ?
Make backup of wallet.dat file.
Close your wallet.
For windows : Go to your folder Users/your_username/AppData/Roaming/Scash
for Mac, type in finder: ~/Library/Application Support/
Repair Wallet by deleting blk0001.dat, blkindex.dat and peers.dat inside Roaming/Scash folder.
It downloads the whole blockchain.
Make sure you DO NOT delete the wallet.dat file.
Restart your wallet.
My wallet does not show the correct balance, what do I do?
  1. run Help>Debug>Console
  2. write “checkwallet”
  3. if wallet checks aren't passed, please write “repairwallet”
  4. write “rescan”
Can I buy SpeedCash on YoBit?
SpeedCash Wallet on YoBit is currently under maintenance, and we do not know when they will be done.
But you can buy on there and let your amount be resupplied by the developers.
Here are the steps to do that:
·Move your cursor over your username in the upper right corner and click on “Yobit Codes”
·Select SpeedCash, choose amount and click on “create new code”
·Copy and paste the YoBit code (YOBIT…SCS) and send it together with your wallet address (desktop wallet, paper wallet or exchange wallet) to the developer at [[email protected]](/)
Can I deposit SpeedCash on Yobit?
No, you can't.
Why and when will SpeedCash end being mineable?
Proof-of-Work will end at 1kk block. After the 640k block, there will be no rewards for mining.
Why would I want to use SpeedCash and not just Bitcoin?
SpeedCash has a variety of advantages over Bitcoin, e.g.:
·Untraceable, which means you can send money anonymously
·Fast block time of 20-30 seconds
·Built-in messaging functionality
·Energy-efficient PoS algorithm, gradually replacing the common/outdated PoW algorithm
·BURST feature, with which a transaction can be confirmed within 2-3 seconds
·Documents Vault feature
Was SpeedCash an ICO?
No, it was not.
Usually there are two ways for a cryptocurrency to grow and receive money for development: performing an ICO or being pre-mined.
SpeedCash was slightly pre-mined to cover the costs of exchange listings, web designers, professional proof readers, etc. A pre-mine burn took place in January 2018.
What is the SpeedCash max. supply?
SpeedCash is inflationary and does not have a maximum supply.
The total SCS coin supply is 476,918 SCS with an 8% annual increase.
Expected coin supply:
Jan 2019 (PoW ended): up to 476,918 SCS
Jan 2020: up to 515,071 SCS
Jan 2021: up to 556,227 SCS
Jan 2022: up to 600,779 SCS
Jan 2023: up to 648,841 SCS
Jan 2024: up to 700,749 SCS and so on.
This inflation is not something to worry about as the total amount of coins not only increases, but also your own amount by staking.
What is staking?
“Staking simply stands for holding a cryptocurrency in your wallet for a fixed period, then earning interest on it. The reward that one earns from staking varies depending on the length of the time that they hold it. The longer the stake duration, the higher the returns.“
How do I stake my SpeedCash Coins?
Simply by having your desktop wallet open, online and unlocked.
Is SpeedCash compatible with hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S?
Currently not. We plan this integration with hardware wallets and security tokens in Q3 2018
How can I restore my SCS wallet if I format my computer?
Always make a backup of the wallet.dat file. With this file, you can restore your wallet.
Are anymore exchange listings planned anytime soon?
We have contacted 10 more exchanges with requests to list SCS. Negotiations are in progress.
When will the whitepaper be published?
We will officially announce this when we have a fixed date.
Why did my wallet stop minting?
If your wallet stopped minting and you have a balance of more than 10 SCS, you can do the following thing to reengage the minting process:
- Send part (half is an optimal value) of your amount to another one of your addresses. You can create the address on Receive Coins page of the Desktop Wallet. Standard commission will be charged (~0.01 SCS). After sending the amount to your wallet, it will continue minting within 4 hours interval.
This is not a complete bug, rather a Proof-of-Stake Velocity trait. We hope that we can make this procedure automatically in the next release.
What is the “Vault” feature?
VAULT technology allows a user to validate document authenticity without disclosure of the document data by storing document hash on the SpeedCash blockchain.
What is the “BURST” feature?
BURST (Blockchain Usage Regulated & Sustainable Tweaking) makes it possible to have short speedups on the real network for any relatively big stakeholder for free. The best recorded confirmation time with BURST activated was around 2.5s. That is 300x faster than Bitcoin and almost as fast as masternode solutions.
I have a special talent/skill to offer, who do I contact?
Any helpful contribution is warmly welcomed and evaluated. Please contact [[email protected]](/)
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Question about 0.8 and the blockchain size.

From what I understand, the new release is intended to increase sync speed by getting rid of data not needed by regular (non-mining) nodes. I thought the client's data dir would hence become much smaller, but it actually became somewhat larger.
$ LC_ALL=C du -hsc .bitcoin/* 8.3M .bitcoin/addr.dat 2.0G .bitcoin/blk0001.dat 2.0G .bitcoin/blk0002.dat 1.4G .bitcoin/blk0003.dat 1.7G .bitcoin/blkindex.dat 890M .bitcoin/blocks 159M .bitcoin/chainstate 11M .bitcoin/database 4.0K .bitcoin/db.log 828K .bitcoin/debug.log 928K .bitcoin/peers.dat 128K .bitcoin/wallet.dat 8.0G total 
(note: the blocks/ directory contains hardlinks to blkxxxx.dat files, but du skips those)
I've been googling for this but I can't seem to find relevant info. My question is: can I delete some of those files, or am I misunderstanding the whole thing?
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Infinite filesize blocks?

Hi, I have a beginner's question. Let's say bitcoins end up getting mass-adopted and are used for millions of transactions a day.
Does that mean that every single user will have to have the whole blockchain synched with every other user?
I ask because my bitcoin folder is huge: (blk0001.dat & blkindex.dat). Wouldn't these files be terrabytes if everyone was making lots of transactions?
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Can you help me (again) :(

I've made a thread about my problem in my dogecoin wallet.
I've read this website and the guy suggested that "The solution is deleting blkindex.dat/blk000?.dat and let redownload the chain"
I've found blk0001.dat in "Users/Eclifox/Library/Application Support/Dogecoin" should I delete it? or will this delete my balance?
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PUP.Bitminer, Can't remove.

This is thread inwhich my orginal problem is here.
Ok, so i figured out that kwdr.exe/.dll is the main problem and it is a PUP.Bitminer. I have googled and can't find a fix other than Combofix which although fixed it, broke some of my programs. I have restored using ERNGT.exe in the windows folder (confirmed safe). Here is the top part of the Combofix log that i recieved when i ran Combofix orginally.
. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Other Deletions ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) . . C:\Install.exe c:\users\Default\AppData\Roaming\DPInst.exe c:\users\Default\AppData\Roaming\gacutil.exe c:\users\Default\AppData\Roaming\PnPutil.exe c:\users\Mitchell Carlson\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin c:\users\Mitchell Carlson\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin.lock c:\users\Mitchell Carlson\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin_db.001 c:\users\Mitchell Carlson\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\db.002 c:\users\Mitchell Carlson\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\db.003 c:\users\Mitchell Carlson\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\db.004 c:\users\Mitchell Carlson\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\db.005 c:\users\Mitchell Carlson\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\_db.006 c:\users\Mitchell Carlson\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\addr.dat c:\users\Mitchell Carlson\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\blk0001.dat c:\users\Mitchell Carlson\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\blkindex.dat c:\users\Mitchell Carlson\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\database\log.0000000138 c:\users\Mitchell Carlson\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\db.log c:\users\Mitchell Carlson\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\debug.log c:\users\Mitchell Carlson\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\wallet.dat c:\windows\assembly\temp\@ c:\windows\assembly\temp\bckfg.tmp c:\windows\assembly\temp\cfg.ini c:\windows\assembly\temp\keywords c:\windows\assembly\temp\kwrd.dll c:\windows\msxml4-KB954430-enu.LOG c:\windows\msxml4-KB973688-enu.LOG c:\windows\system32\java.exe c:\windows\System64
The bitcoin files is the problem but i have no idea what to do and where to start. Any help is once again appreciated. I am going to bed but when i wake up will read the advice. Thank you.
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Question about file size with Bitcoin Wallet Application

I have the Bitcoin Wallet application running on my computer. I haven't opened it in a long time, so right now it is synchronizing with the network.
In the process it is creating some massive files(and growing):
-blk0001.dat 2GB
-blk0002.dat 2GB
-blk0004.dat 350mb
-blkindex.dat 1.3GB
Are these files necessary? Is there another wallet I can use? Can I delete them? What are they for?
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TokenPay l Syncing troubleshoot tutorial (wallet.dat) blkindex.dat error in Litecoin wallet solved - fix paste wallet.dat file back Easily Fix Corrupt wallet.dat file Bitcoin, altcoins Litecoin wallet blkindex.dat error - easy fix - YouTube

The files blk001.dat and blkindex.dat. Then restart the client. It will have to re sync from peers and it will recreate the index. Alternatively. You can remove blkindex.dat and rename the blk001.dat to bootstrap.dat , and then restart the client. It will use the bootstrap to create a new blk001.dat and blkindex.dat. This works about 50% of the ... fast-dat-parser. Parses the blockchain about as fast as your IO can pipe it out. For a typical SSD, this can be around ~450 MiB/s. All memory is allocated up front. Output goes to stdout, stderr is used for logging. WARNING: Not actively maintained, use with caution. Usage. A fast blk*.dat parser for bitcoin blockchain analysis. find / -name wallet.dat -print 2>/dev/null Mac. By default Bitcoin will put its data here: ~/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin/ Directory Contents Files. An overview of these is in in the Bitcoin Core documentation. Personally identifiable data [v0.8 and above] This section may be of use to you if you wish to send a friend the blockchain, avoiding them a hefty download. wallet.dat ... block hash -> CBlockIndex becomes "blkhash.dat", DB_HASH tx hash -> CTxIndex becomes "txhash.dat", DB_HASH remainder is renamed to CMetaDB, "blkmeta.dat" OBSOLETES: #1282 ~/.bitcoin/blocks blk00000.dat blk00001.dat blk00002.dat … Your node first adds blocks to blk00000.dat, then when it fills up it moves on to blk00001.dat, then blk00002.dat …and so on. Example. The data in blk.dat files is stored in binary, and each new block gets appended to the end of the file. We can look at the genesis block by reading the first 293 bytes of blk00000.dat: f9beb4d9 ...

[index] [12701] [23425] [45804] [21134] [1181] [51102] [35803] [27552] [7583] [47526]

TokenPay l Syncing troubleshoot tutorial (wallet.dat)

This video troubleshoots the issue of a non syncing wallet, and what to do if this is the case. ----- To... If Bitcoin catches on on a big scale, it may already be the case by that time. Another way they can become more practical is if I implement client-only mode and the number of network nodes ... Mail: [email protected] Discord:CryptoLife Telegram: @RospyQV ( BITCOIN-Crypto-Miners-Greece https://ww... I never had a problem opening and using my bitcoin app until after my mac froze one day. From that point on bit coin would try to load, but I would get an er... Please Donate bitcoins to 1AsS7dbrhSk4uTS58BPGKHWvzaPPAMMENt All altcoins please exchange into bitcoin and send or if you cannot exchange please ask me for m...