Buying a House with Bitcoin UK Compare My Move

Digital-Currency Milestone: Somebody Just Bought A House With Bitcoin

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Digital-Currency Milestone: Somebody Just Bought A House With Bitcoin

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Digital-Currency Milestone: Somebody Just Bought A House With Bitcoin

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I have a friend who told me he could pay off his house with Bitcoin in January last year, he bought Bitcoin in 2012, he never sold, to this day I still don’t know why, I think he’s kicking himself now.

It’s funny people have held bitcoin for years, like this friend of mine and never sell, probably because they are concerned with the amount of Tax they will have to pay.. For me who cares about tax sell and pay off the house or buy that lambo anyone else do this?
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How do I navigate the adult relationship world with a checkered history?

So there’s a lot behind why I am having trouble figuring this relationship out but here’s a quick rundown.
I got married at 19, fresh in the Army. Got divorced 4 years later. White picket fence/suburbia life to the letter. Two dogs, three cars, House in subdivision, etc.. After that I was single for about a year. Within the past year I’ve mainly been hooking up with a few semi serious flings here and there. Also, I worked on the road so I was never in one place for very long.
Now I’ve met a girl who is super put together. She is a Captain in the Army reserves, works at a huge aerospace company (don’t wanna give the name for anonymity purposes) as a manager, just bought a house with her Bitcoin investment returns, president of her sorority in college and president of a fraternity as the only woman or “dream girl” as it’s been called.
I am a construction worker in school of welding. I grew up poor and she grew up rich(ish). I split an apartment in the city with my brother, it’s downtown and a high rise so it’s no shack but still. She bought a house with bitcoin money.
Over the past two weeks I’ve been helping her move and get set up in her own place. With that comes staying the night most nights and waking up and making breakfast in the morning. It’s been weird in the sense that I found myself, in the morning, drinking coffee, smoking a cigarette, kicking the ball for her dog, in a subdivision. I had been there before. Not that exact location, but definitely in the scenario.
She even went as far as to give me a key so that I can “come and go as I please”. Mind you we’ve only been dating for about a month.
I have the urge to run or to force my “class” to be an issue. I keep getting the feeling I’m not good enough, educated enough, or white collar enough for her. I don’t own a suit and although I make over decent money for what I do (actually similar to her salary) it’s hard, dirty work. My brother has been in my ear telling me that it’s all in my head and that I’m good enough I just have to believe I am. And it was working until I told my mom and in jest she asked why she wants anything to do with “little ole me”.
Now is it moving way too fast? If I’m slightly concerned that I might lose interest as I’ve done in the past should I give her back her key? I think that would be awkward but it feels like a whole step that idk if I’m ready for. I don’t want to lose her because she is almost perfect on paper and we get along amazing and I truly love spending time with her. I just have a tendency to get scared and go back on the road almost never to be seen again by the people I leave behind.
TLDR: Amazing, way ahead in life woman and construction worker me are falling for each other and I’m nervous about the pace of the relationship as well as whether or not I’m good enough to make her happy.
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Anyone has bought something big with bitcoin, such as a house?

What has been your biggest purchase? Something like a house. Did you were required to verify where your money came from?
The more detail the better. Thanks!
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I have a friend who told me he could pay off his house with Bitcoin in January last year, he bought Bitcoin in 2012, he never sold, to this day I still dont know why, I think hes kicking himself now. /r/Bitcoin

I have a friend who told me he could pay off his house with Bitcoin in January last year, he bought Bitcoin in 2012, he never sold, to this day I still dont know why, I think hes kicking himself now. /Bitcoin submitted by ABitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

A while ago I posted a picture of my Harley I bought with cryptos. Well today I am posting from my new five bedroom house with the right address. Long live cryptos and long live Bitcoin the Crypto grandfather. To newbs stay humble and invest responsibly, don’t chase or freak out... Its a long game.

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Found a bunch of these inside a hidden safe that was located under my friends garages drain in a house that he just bought with his bitcoins. How much is that in pepes?

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02-24 21:53 - 'For example -♿️♿️🛌💺 / First it was two pizzas, then a house and now... A BUSINESS TO BE BOUGHT WITH BITCOINS !!! / This is another stage in the inevitable evolution of ‘cryptos’ being accepted as mainstream currencies...' by /u/Carambatime removed from /r/Bitcoin within 127-137min

For example -♿️♿️🛌💺
First it was two pizzas, then a house and now... A BUSINESS TO BE BOUGHT WITH BITCOINS !!!
This is another stage in the inevitable evolution of ‘cryptos’ being accepted as mainstream currencies.
A two decades-established mobility products group, supplying ‘always in demand’ products to an endless market of folk ... simply just living longer, is available. It’s owners are retiring, and as adopters of bitcoin (and other currencies) they are to pioneer the first business transfer deal in history (and it won’t be the last) away from standard ‘old’ money.
In fact, there are two companies within the group - up for grabs as a pair, or separately. The combined sales turnover in 2017 was £1 million plus (currently equal to approx 1,500 BTC) with an astonishing 55% gross profit. It’s an ongoing concern with a small team of full and part time staff, and it’s unique marketing and reputation ensures its success. There is scope to hugely expand its coverage and presence in the sector. Premises are optional.
Sounds interesting? You bet your bottom dollar (or bitcoin) ... this is going to be big news. Find out more now. For a confidentially agreement, which once agreed to you’ll get full details, email The Directors at - [email protected]
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I Bought a House in Beijing with just 3,000RMB Monthly Salary
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] I Bought a House in Beijing with just 3,000RMB Monthly Salary

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The original post's content was as follows:
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A while ago I posted a picture of my Harley I bought with cryptos. Well today I am posting from my new five bedroom house with the right address. Long live cryptos and long live Bitcoin the Crypto grandfather. To newbs stay humble and invest responsibly, dont chase or freak out... Its a /r/Bitcoin

A while ago I posted a picture of my Harley I bought with cryptos. Well today I am posting from my new five bedroom house with the right address. Long live cryptos and long live Bitcoin the Crypto grandfather. To newbs stay humble and invest responsibly, dont chase or freak out... Its a /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Anyone has bought something big with bitcoin, such as a house? /r/Bitcoin

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[UK] Is Bitcoin liable to Capital Gains Tax when transferring to a different person for purchase of physical assets?

So in UK, someone recently bought a house with Bitcoin. Had the purchaser liquidated his bitcoin, he would have to pay Income tax and CGT, but by buying his house with Bitcoin, did he pass on the CGT liability to the seller?
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The principles I learned in 7 years here

I've learned a lot by surfing these subs. I internalized it and am really happy with where I am. I wanted to take a minute to pay it forward and distill what I've internalized into first principles.
First, a bit on my background. I was always interested in being FI and know that money doesn't equal freedom, but it is an aspect of freedom (if nothing else, freedom from worrying about meeting basic needs). I was saving heavily in my mid 20's but was also working for a nonprofit. I was saving 50% of my income but it honestly wasn't amounting to all that much.
I wound up spending about a year teaching myself data science before and after work. I was really motivated by the field and, luckily for me, it turns out to be quite lucrative. I also started skydiving. That meant moving to a shared 1 bedroom apartment with somebody I butted heads with so I could afford it and not overly sacrifice savings goals. That was a tough call because skydiving is expensive, but it also made me much more risk tolerant and a generally happier and less reactive human. Skydiving taught me that most of my fears were unfounded (evolution predisposes you to fear more than you have to) so I geared up for a big life change.
When I was good enough at data science, I quit my job in the nonprofit and moved to San Francisco to do a 3 month bootcamp program. Everybody thought I was nuts. That drained my savings virtually down to the last dime (with no debt though). I got my first job in the industry making very little money in a role where I would learn a lot. I loved it and got a promotion in (I shit you not) 2 weeks of being on the job. That was my first 6 figure income.
Zoom forward four years and I'm at a major company with a significant equity stake, financially comfortable, and having just bought a home. Not quite yet FIRE but getting close depending on how my company stock does.
Obviously everybody's path is different. But principles are more universal. With all that, here are the main principles that lead to my success:
  1. Find the global maximum. I was top of my game in that nonprofit with a relatively good income and title, but I was growing unhappy and knew I wouldn't make my longterm goals. It was a tough call to quit, drain my savings, and move. But I did it and now I feel like I'm in a global personal maximum for life satisfaction, earning, etc. This means longterm thinking
  2. Stay balanced. I almost burned myself out on FIRE multiple times. I started seeing everything as costs. Be scrappy on everything but what makes you most come alive. That's crucial for longterm motivation
  3. The best investments are always in yourself. Active recovery, eduction, socializing, etc. are the best investments you can make. They're bad investments on the short term but great on the longterm
  4. Save on housing until you're ready to purchase a home. My rule was that I'd live with roommates until I had enough for a down payment. When covid happened, I decided I wouldn't buy a place until the market rebounded so I let my investments sit until they rebounded, sold, and purchased a home. Most people lose too much money on housing
  5. Never pay interest. This is an exaggeration but it's the biggest lifetime expense for more people. I pay some interest but both my small car loan and mortgage are below 3% interest. That means, with inflation, my money is likely better in the stock market than paying back those loans. So apart from that interest, I've been lucky enough to manage to avoid it like the plague
  6. Take risks and experiment. Most people are way too risk adverse, scared to place strategic bets. I've lost a lot of money on risky things but have gained so much more in experience. Spending thousands on bitcoin miners in the early days while on a shoestring budget? Lost a lot on that. But it resulted in learning an appropriate way to buy crypto and the net effect was many more thousands of dollars in gains
  7. Have mentors/models. If you don't do this explicitly, you default to modeling your behavior on whoever is around you. Think of who your top models for behavior are (financial, relationship, etc) and figure out what makes them tick. For me it was Mr. Money Moustache, some abundance-oriented technology thought leaders, and some anti-consumer friends who were militant about how owning things doesn't make you happy
  8. Don't defer pleasure. I came to realize that many of my thoughts on retirement were quite Catholic (thanks, dad). In other words, I was deferring pleasure until retirement like my Catholic father was deferring pleasure until the afterlife. Be fiercely present and enjoy today. Finances are only one part of life satisfaction
  9. Have an abundance and growth mindset. Most people think of money as a scarce resource. It's not. Anybody can generate it given enough time and effort. Think big picture and work incrementally towards it rather than accepting the career progression of your peers or employer. Most people underestimate how much employers will recognize a strong sense of drive and personal responsibility
  10. Change is necessary. For the Buddhists, that's the source of all suffering. Do we want to sacrifice the mediocre reality today for the option of a better reality tomorrow? Most people are so change and uncertainty adverse they can't adapt to more beneficial situations. Being open and curious and optimistic about change is necessary, otherwise the mediocre today seems like a better bet or you'll change and then quickly regress. The opportunity cost for change is whatever situation you currently find yourself in. Make sure you're ok with this and have the confidence to course correct if you get in over your head
TL;DR - Reality is malleable. You can achieve whatever you want as long as you take a step back, strategize, and then kick some ass. If you adopt some principles and play the long game, you'll ace this whole life thing
Edit: Glad this got so much attention. I feel like I've paid forward the mindset and benefits this sub helped me create. Thanks for being part of that!
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BetFury Monthly Report

BetFury Monthly Report
Autumn is always the rainy season. BetFury's rains pour out winnings, dividends, events and cool updates.
If you've been with us the whole month, you probably know how many cool things happened at BetFury. If you have joined us recently you can be sure that we never sit still. The BetFury team is constantly working to make the platform as good and easy to use as possible. So that every Betfurian can enjoy the game and earn money!
Watch what peaks Fury has reached in September!


The Dividend pool is pleasing in its size and stability. Dividends pool has increased by ~25 BTC this month.
Dividends are paid steadily! And this is confirmed by the historic event at BetFury. For the first time the dividends Daily Payouts were over 2 BTC. ~56 BTC were paid out during this month.
The biggest BFG bonfire on BetFury - the jubilee 10th BFG Token burning!
The total amount of burned tokens from the 10th token burning session is 32 362 386 BFG:
  • Burned in Auction - 1 058 130 BFG 606 474 BFG(TRX) 451 656 BFG(BTC)
  • Burned in Gaming - 21 304 256 BFG 17 109 456 BFG(TRX) 194 800 BFG(BTC)
  • Burned from Team - 10 000 000 BFG 5 000 000 BFG(TRX) 5 000 000 BFG(BTC)

Mining Price was raised

You know how important it is to own BFG tokens because every month the price rises and the token becomes more expensive. So this month Mining Price growed up as usual. Mine more tokens now to then enjoy their value.
Current Token Details: Total mined: 1 715 790 736 BFG Total staked: 1 452 257 495 BFG Burned: 180 167 821 BFG

BetFury Events

Every day there are important events at BetFury and we want to share all these events and news with you. Any updates or creation of new games, awarding prizes to the winners of competitions - everything is done with love for you, Betfurians.

Crash Space War

You have been waiting for a long time for the launch of the updated Crash. And this happened! The bravest 50 Jedi shared 0.5 BTC in the Crash Space War.

BetFury Battles

This is a new format of events with thrills and gives indecently large rewards. Taste the victory of the real fight in Battles. New feelings, new emotions and most importantly new great victories are waiting for you. The first Battle took place at KENO for 24 hours with the prize pool of 0.1 BTC (~$1000) for 50 skilled players. Follow our social networks not to miss further Battles.

New Gaming Provider and many new cool Slots

Provider MrSlotty has come with gifts for you. He brought a bag full of 50 Slots. Place bets and win the biggest winnings in any currency: BTC, TRX, USDT, BTT.
The Kings of Success have replenished their chests with 40 new slots and more than 30 Table games. Catch your luck in the best games from: Platipus, Spinomenal, Playson, ReelNRG, Endorphina, Booongo, Tom Horn, Fugaso, GameArt, Habanero.

BitcoinTalk page updated

Now you can chat, leave reviews and learn many news about BetFury on our page in BitcoinTalk. Welcome to the updated page with new features. Soon there will be the Grand Bounty campaign with big awards.

BetFury BOXes

Boxes are sold like hotcakes. This month 3 Boxes were sold out: Ruby Box — Price: 0.001BTC | Monthly Rate: 15% Emerald Box — Price: 0.01BTC | Monthly Rate: 11% Sapphire Box — Price: 0.05BTC | Monthly Rate: 12%
1000 Key Boxes were sold out at the price of 0.0001 BTC with Monthly Rate - 50%. All players who bought the Key Box have a chance to get the last part of the key to the wallet with 0.5 BTC. Bitcoins are still in the wallet. Watch the cartoon and find all the tips where the parts of the private key. Withdraw cash from the Key Box and catch a pop-up with the last bit of the private key to the Bitcoin wallet. Collect all parts of the key and open the wallet first. Hurry up! The search becomes more intense!
However, now you have the opportunity to buy a new Amber Box at a price of 0.005 BTC with Monthly Rate - 10%.

Oktoberfest moved to BetFury

The loudest autumn event is now celebrated at BetFury. Brewers pour beer from all slots. You can still join the festival and spin slots for mega prizes.

ReelNRG tournament

The Knights spun slots from ReelNRG in a big tournament. The €1000 prize was shared between 20 knights. The players competed in all stages and only the bravest reached the final.


Betfurians filled their pockets with prizes from Weekly Events, Giveaways & Big Wins.
  • Chat Success took place five times this month, which means that 250 winners received prizes. Total amount = 25 000 TRX.
  • Twitter Success rewarded players twice - 200 lucky people received 40 mBTC in total.
  • Slots Race for 777 mBTC has gained momentum four times to reward riders. 200 fastest winners reached the finish line. Total amount of monthly payouts ~3.1 BTC Roll up! A new circle has already started.
  • There are more and more Big Winners and Big Wins are proof of that. The total amount of Big Wins this month - $418 540
The September cloud of Giveaway scattered various awards. Fury held 6 Giveaways! The largest took place on Instagram in honor of 1000 Followers. Join also and don't miss the Giveaway.

Live Streams

Nothing shows the authenticity of a real game like Live Streams. Big wins live, test drive on new slots, visits to real casinos and a lot more can be seen in a Live Stream. Three cool streamers @badj0ker, @TronWarrior420 & @CEOofNEGATIVITY showed the best games and won in front of the audience during 13 broadcasts.


Follow all events and updates of the platform on social media pages. Be the first one to know all the news. Join the big BetFury family and have fun to the fullest. Telegram Channel - 10.5K Telegram Chat - 26K Twitter - 44K Instagram - 1.2K

Planned Updates

  • New In-house game
  • New slots
  • New Boxes
  • More currencies
  • Huge Bounty


The month was full of hot news. Big Wins and many awards filled you with emotions. Dividend pools have risen and give sensational payouts. The BetFury team with Commander Fury is ready for new accomplishments for you. So play, enjoy the wins and follow the enchanting novelties. You will definitely like everything!
Link to the Website: Link to the Telegram: Link to the Twitter: Link to the Telegram Channel: Link to the Steemit: Link to Facebook: Link to Instagram: Link to Reddit:
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FS [Nordics /UK/EU ] Chanel wallet, Cartier Amulette necklace, Cartier Panthère Secrete watch, Valentino caged rockstud flats sz 39, Gucci Dog Ace Sneakers sz 39

EU ladies, avoid custom fees and the risk of having your item seized. Buy a lovely rep in the EU with shipping covered.
Like many RepLadies, when I first found out about reps I went a bit overboard :-D. Now I have gone through my items and here are the pieces that are either the wrong size or I don’t need (haha). Hopefully you will find something here that will spark joy in your heart :) I am happy to send more pics or answer any questions!
Shipping is included in the item prices below, and I am happy to ship anywhere within EU / Nordics / UK. To avoid any potential issues, I'll be checking all prospective buyers accounts karma and to make sure they're active on RL.
Family pic with Username:

SOLD Panthère Secrete Ladies 27mm RG 8848F 1:1 Best Edition White Dial on Black Croco Strap Ronda Quartz

I was super keen to try see the quality from intime as they have a great reputation on RepTime. This is a great watch, however I feel like it doesn’t suit my style and I still prefer my auth Rolex Ladyjust 28mm :-D. So I am selling this! It’s brand new and I haven’t even tried it on, as I just felt that I wouldn’t use it when I first got it. It still has all of the stickers on the watch.

** SOLD Valentino Caged Rockstud Flats Noir sz 39** Will fit a small 39 / 38.5.

I am just so sad that these don’t fit me! After I had my baby my feet are just a tad too big for 39’s and I am a bit devastated as these are a pair of dream shoes. I will be placing an order for another pair in sz 40 once these are sold, as I love the colorway and quality!

SOLD Gucci Ace Dog sneakers sz 39 Will fit a small 39 /38.5

Another pair I am just so sad I can’t fit properly! I will be repurchasing these in a sz 40 as well. I just love that they have dogs on them, and I fell in love when my friend was wearing the auth last year and just had to have them… but then of course, it was a 2018 collection and couldn’t find them.

Chanel Flap Wallet Black Grained Calfskin Small

Source: Bought this from fellow replady /Unsustainable who has bought it from physical replica market in China (You can check out her profile, she is selling a load of stuff right now). The original post has been removed by her, however I do still have the link to the images and can share a screenshot if needed confirming the purchase.

Amulette De Cartier Necklace XS Model - Malachite - 18kt gold plated

All sales are final so please choose carefully and ask me any questions before making a purchase.
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Never Sell - do the math for a Secured Loan.

tl/dr: Don't sell, do the math for a secured loan.
About 4 years ago, I capitulated that I was never going to get out of debt. As soon as one debt was paid down, an emergency would arise, and debt would get loaded back up. After food, nearly all of my payments were to meet minimum debt servicing. Any extra would go to the highest interest rate.
I looked to bitcoin, and realized it was money that couldn't be taken from me in the event I defaulted on these cards, mortgage, hospital bills, etc, which was a distinct possibility if my health failed for longer than a week or two. In a worst case scenario, if I had bitcoin, I would have some money no one could take from me in a judgment.
So, I sacrificed even further, and completely hopeless about the debt, I stopped paying more than the monthly minimums. I started putting all left-over money aside into bitcoin, seeing its meteoric rise in 2017. It wasn't a lot at first, thankfully, because I got burned when the bubble popped in December 2017, so after that, I picked a number that I thought bitcoin was worth, and I kept buying it weekly anytime it was below $10k. When it was above $10k, I would put that money to pay down one of the debts more than its minimum.
I initially had a plan to sell some of the bitcoin I'd been saving - at the end of 2020, I could sell what I'd bought through 2018 for the best capital gains rate, and then I'd pay my debt down even further.
Now that we're nearing the end of 2020, I've been forced to re-evaluate my plan, because my outlook on money and bitcoin has completely changed over the past 3 years. In addition to building my bitcoin nest egg, I've managed to to pay off 1/4 of my debt, refinance my house at a lower rate, build up an emergency fund, continue to DCA into bitcoin, handle multiple emergencies that have arisen, and survived the Covid lockdown. These are things I never would have been able to do without a changed mindset.
Bitcoin is currently 15% over my DCA, and if I were to re-peg a bitcoin value for the next 4 years, I'd put it's low value at $35k, with highs near $100k. So why would I sell, even to clear debt, when the future value is ridiculously more than any interest I'd save paying down debt? Even if I used the extra monthly liquidity from removing a debt, my DCA would still rise dramatically, because any more dips below $10k are becoming unlikely.
So I did some math; if I secure a $5,000 loan with 1 bitcoin, at 10% interest over 12 months, that's $500 interest to pay. The credit card it's paying off would be $800 interest over the same time, with ~$200/month min. payments, and it would take much longer than 1 year at those payments. Even if I can't do more than $200/month payments on the bitcoin loan, the margin call at the end of the loan would be for less bitcoin than I had planned to sell at the end of this year, which wouldn't have paid off the loan fully to begin with. Much less bitcoin lost if the price rises anywhere near predictions.
I have enough in my emergency funding to prevent a margin call before the loan is due (if bitcoin drops to $7500), and I have enough monthly cash flow now to make $500/month payments without further sacrifice. This way, I can spend my bitcoin and keep it, too. Roll that $500 total interest paid into the DCA, and it's barely anything at all. At the end of it, I've saved over $300 in C.C. interest, cleared more unsecured debt, and kept my bitcoin. This is the best of all worlds.
Then I can do it again to take care of my last unsecured loan, and be debt free (except mortgage) without selling any of my capital. I can almost see the light at the end of the debt tunnel, guys.
The math doesn't seem to work on the mortgage - not yet, anyway. But my plan-B has changed folks - so long as I'm capable of working, I'm not selling bitcoin, ever. When I can't work anymore, I hope to have enough bitcoin saved up to live off of, and soon I can get there even more quickly.
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Purely thought experiment — NFC implanting a 2FA key / master password / Bitcoin private key?

I have read the rules.
I was taking a shower today and I had a shower thought: what level of security could an NFC implant have when used as a master password of sorts?
This is a purely theoretical scenario and I have no actual use for this, but it's an interesting thought. So let's pretend you're trying to protect your sensitive info from law enforcement.
  1. Information to protect: anything. Passwords, bitcoin wallet, sensitive information.
  2. Threads: law enforcement
  3. Vulnerabilities: passwords or 2FA keys being compromised. If you store them physically on paper, there's a chance they'll be lost or stolen. They could also easily be found.
The idea is simple: if you were to do this yourself, nobody, including LE, would know that you have an NFC tag inside of you. Nobody would even suspect it. Right? LE doesn't go around checking people for NFC tags under their skin. If you bought this product using a prepaid card that was purchased by a friend, then shipped the product to another friend's house without telling them what's in it, then implanted it yourself, then destroyed all evidence of the implanted tag... nobody would know.
The tag could store a variety of things. Maybe a bitcoin key for a 1 of 2 multisig address, so that in case your other key was lost or destroyed, you could still access your data. Whatever.
I'm wondering what the limitations of this technique are. Just wanted to discuss this with you all and get some more thoughts about it. Kind of a neat idea!
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Everyday info sec, hardcore info sec, and DNMs

Edit: Currently writing a new version of this, dont know when it will be done.
Edit: Since first post I have updated a few sections with additional information.
I recommend reading it all even if it is very long, I might have placed some relevant info in different sections while thinking about what else needed to be added, plenty of steps remains mostly the same except when I comment directly on it. It is not necessary to do 100% security all the time, unless you absolutely need it, combining some high and some lower security ideas for a balance of security and convenience is useful.
I will base this mostly on Windows, Linux users probably know this, and I have no idea how apple machines work (tho many things in here are still relevant for other operating systems, as they are just general tips)
Disclaimer: There are certainly other steps that can make you more anonymous or safer, however I think for most people this will surfice. Any software I recommend should be independently verified for security, and examples of software are not to be taken as endorsements. I simply use examples and give recommendations when I believe it necessary, or helpful.
I will not really differentiate between anonymity and security, they are often the same thing. As such the word security can mean either more anonymous, less vulnerable, or both.
Everyday Simple Info Sec:
-There could be a hidden administrator user on your PC, make sure to change its password
(Snapchat msgs, reddit dms, discord msgs, are just a few examples of msgs that are never encrypted)
-Any info even send in encrypted msgs (and obviously non encrypted) should still be kept with possible deniability, don't say "I'm gonna do MDMA", say "I'm going out with molly."
-DO NOT STORE ANY PASSWORDS ON GOOGLE, IF GOOGLE LOGIN IS AUTHENTICATED IT WILL AUTFILL ALL PASSWORDS IT HAS SAVED (same with other similar services) (This means if you are logged in to chrome and someone has access to your machine, they can auto fill passwords without entering a single password)
-use a rememberable passphrase, especially for your master key ring aka password manager A long sentence that is memorable makes an okay password (decent example,: "I met my wife at Little Ceasers for the first time on 07/09/20" better even if it's just something you know, if its impersonal, and if you can add special characters or numbers that you won't forget) (A better example for a passphrase is: "There is 0nly 0ne letter that d0esn’t appear in any U.S. state nameQ")
-Purge your internet activity frequently, there's a reason why I only have one post, and a few comments appearing in my account, but thousands of kama. Exposing information needlessly is not good.
-Never post private information publicly, and if you do, do it vaguely as possible. (Example: Not "I'm 15", say "I'm a teenager") Do not post any vital information ever, no birthdays, mother's maiden name, age, or anything you have ever seen in a security question. Never post your current activities while they are ongoing. You going on a vacation? Don't announce it to the world, taking picture there? Post them when you are home.
-Rethink how you do security questions. Many answers to security questions can be found in your internet history. One could use the first word of the security question as an answer, or a different sceme that will mean you always remember it. (Security question need to go, the amount of personal info an average person puts on the internet makes it easy to attack anything using security question)
High level crimimal information security:
The motto here is, "All the Security, All the Time" As one fuck up can end with you leaving a lick of traceability, and you could be fucked.
Pre Note: All of your software should always be up to date. Also even perfect info sec does not guarantee you are completely safe, a new zero day (exploit) can still fuck you, but good info security makes you significantly safer, by eliminating as many attacks as possible.
-Get a new device (or make a already owned device seem like you never owned it, do this only if you know how to, there's a lot of stuff that goes into that, like changing your mac adress etc) buy with cash, and your face covered, preferably far away from where you live. (Do I need to specify to not bring your phone or anything else that tracks your location to anywhere you want to go anonymously?) (Be aware that even hardware can have vulnerabilities, many cpus have known vulnerabilities, I can't list them all, do some research before buying)
-If you know how to use Tails (A linux distro designed for Info sec) use that, preferably on a USB. (Or learn how to use tails, its better, but complicated) Otherwise a clean copy of windows (make sure its not in any way associated with you) can do the job too, tho not as well. (Using a VM might give extra security, since VMs usually erase all data and RAM they were using on shutdown)
-Get a non tracking VPN, Enable the kill switch (a setting that disables all traffic that doesn't go through the VPN) (change your firewall settings to only allow the traffic from the VPN, windows guide (Change settings so only traffic from the tor application is send) Edit: (Due to complaints: do not use vpn over tor, use tor over vpn. tor over vpn has no notable downside, if the VPN logs it makes no difference, your ISP will always log anyways, and vpns remove other attack vectors and also provide backup security should tor fail. Again even if the VPN tracks you only change the people doing the tracking, but now you are further removed making it more anonymous and also with less vulnerabilities)
-rember privacy settings, cookie cleaner, and antivirus, password (There could be a hidden administrator user on your PC, make sure to change its password)
-Always use the device on a non admin account
-Ideally use this device only on networks that are not connected with you. Such as public networks (try to never use the same public networks twice, move around) (a home network should be fine now, as it should never be exposed, but more security is always better) (Its just a conveniences vs security trade)
-Never use accounts that have been exposed to lower security on higher security machines
-your browser is now TOR (or your preferred security focused browser, if you dont plan on using onion ) Make sure you get the standalone version of tor not the addon build (the standalone is safer, because there are less settings and options to tweak)
-Change your tor settings, to safest mode, enable a bridge (to my knowledge there's no difference in security between the build in bridges in tor), enable automatic updates, set duckduckgo onion as your primary browser. Set onion page as your home page. (Or your preferred privacy search engine and onion directory)
How to use dark net markets (DNMs)
If you finished your High Security setup, we can dive right in. Otherwise go do that. This is where all that is essential.
Quick info on Tor, and onion sites. There is no search engine. It's all based of directories and addresses you are given by others. Tor will likely not be very quick, it has to pass through multiple networks to get to the destination. DNMs sometimes exit scam, an exit scam is when a market shuts down completely and takes all the money, this is a risk when using DNMs, it's not too common but happens maybe 0-4 times a year. The admins of thoese servers need to get out at some point, before they get jailed, so they exit the game, and scam everyone out of their money.
-A very useful onion directory is it has a lot of links, for all kinds of stuff. News, email, DNMs, Psychonautwiki (harm reduction website), forums etc. (Other directories also exist)
-Pick a market, preferably one that handles secure connection server side instead of requiring you to establish the secure connection. Then create an account. Your account once created should include an entry box in your profile for a pgp key, post your PUBLIC key in there. (Verify the link is not a scam, most markets should provide a pgp signature)
-Next is currency setup. All major cryptocurrency exchangers can be used, I can recommend coin base but there could be better ones out there. Unless you find a small non U.S., exchange, they will always ask for your identity. So unless you can find a trustworthy exchange that doesn't ID, you will need to give it to them. (Side note, all major crypto exchangers report to the IRS, if the IRS asks you if you bought cryptocurrency and you bought while having IDed yourself SAY YES, DO NOT COMMIT TAX FRAUD WHEN THEY KNOW YOU DID)
-Transfer (monero you can send directly, btc you should scramble) to your wallet. There are two options a cold wallet (physical) or a software wallet. Software wallets usually dont cost anything so I recommend them, even if often less safe. Electrum is easy to use, and pretty safe. You can also do your own research and find a wallet that fits your needs.
-now you are ready to buy, only buy using escrow (it means the money is held by the market as a middle man until the product is delivered, they will also handle any issues like wrong quantity, cuts, etc), judge the reviews for a product, and if available look at the history of the vendor, until you find a product from a vendor you trust. (I recommend to buy within your country as much as possible, so it doesn't go through customs, it's very rare that something is found, but it can happen)
-now you get to buy, depending on market, you either have cryptocurrency stored in their wallets (not recommend, you will lose it in an exit scam) or you can send it every order. When you send your delivery adress (or the one you want it to go to) encrypt the adress using the sellers public key. Make sure the adress is correct.
-wait for the product, make sure to extend the escrow until the product arrives, if you can't extend it anymore dispute the order, and a moderator will step in
-test the product, use it, and leave a review. PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW, DNMs only work because of reviews.
Edit: Didn't imagine I would write over 15000 words. Oh well, it was fun. Hope it helps, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
No idea how long this will stay up, I might purge it in 7 days, or never.
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Comedian Wanting to make the big move

Hey, so i’m a semi successful comedian, all that means i made a chunk of my money through comedy. By no means rich, by no means am i thinking where to get my next meal you know? I currently live in Florida and take advantage of never paying, if ever, any taxes at all. Depending the year that is. Some years are wayyyy better than others in this career lol
But i’m still very young, i’m nowhere near my comedic peak. I need to continue this career. But like my mom always said, “don’t be relying on these jokes forever”
And she’s right, so got involved with crypto currency along the way as a hobby and now a couple years later i find myself in a funny situation. Anyone else bought bitcoin for fun in 2010 for penny’s?
On 1 hand i want to be in the north east where comedy thrives. On the other hand the comfort and crazy lifestyle florida has provided me is amazing. It’s making it very hard to leave.
I have moved out of Florida before only to find myself missing it like never before.
So anyways, as i get older and realize Florida is aging 10x as fast with all these old people moving here from New England, i’m starting to really not enjoy this palace more and more.
My ultimate goal is to make enough money from comedy and other ventures if needed to buy a big plot of land in NH, surround myself with live free or die type of folks and just crypto mine during the winter with solar panels on my land and maybe grow some crops and too to offset the taxes and live “FREE” as the state mentions while also being close enough to boston, new york and philly that i can continue this pursue of comedy.
So where exactly should i be looking to tour in NH for potential living ? considering i want to be around young people from their late 20 to their mid 40s you know while also owning enough land to be able to have like house on the ranch type vibes while also not being crazy far from the big cities in the area?
Thank you in advance, i’m very serious about this move.
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